Hankering to see some public Jeremy Fish art since the silly bunny was demolished last year? You don’t have to look too far.


Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

We happened upon a big Jeremy Fish mural outside Tony’s Pizza Napoletana last year and returned to North Beach recently to see what else we could find. We were delighted to discover several establishments around Grant Avenue.

Jeremy Fish in North Beach, San Francisco

Our first stop was back to Tony’s Pizza on Stockton and Union. It was close to noon when we arrived and we were surprised to find a line of people patiently waiting outside the restaurant. We asked if they were tourists or locals and if the pizza was worth the wait. To our surprise there was a mix of patrons and they gave us a resounding YES! They all said Tony’s has the best pizza in San Francisco.

Jeremy Fish in North Beach, San Francisco

Once the restaurant opened its’ doors we inquired if there is any Jeremy Fish art inside. We were informed the sole piece is fixed on the wall outside. In just the few minutes we were there the tables began to fill up outside.

Check out Tony’s and decide for yourself if it is the best. Tony’s Pizza

Pisto’s Tacos

Jeremy Fish in North Beach, San Francisco

Our next stop was around the corner at 1310 Grant where we discovered Pisto’s Tacos. This is smaller restaurant that is open from Monday through Saturday from 10-10. They have a limited menu featuring Mexican food with indoor seating. Check out their menu Pisto’s Tacos

Jeremy Fish in North Beach, San Francisco


Naked Lunch

Jermey Fish at Naked Lunch in North Beach
Our last stop was at Naked Lunch on Broadway at Keary. They have a great outdoor space that opens onto Broadway. Since it faces south it gets plenty of warm sunshine and is perfect seating if you are a table of one and want to people watch as you enjoy a meal, glass of wine or coffee. The interior is quite spacious. You can watch sports on several screens, play pool, throw hoops and pony up to a real nice bar.

Jermey Fish at Naked Lunch in North Beach
Naked Lunch takes pride in using seasonal and sustainable ingredients. They change their menu daily.There is a chalk board with the menu. When we were there we asked various patrons what their favorites are and we heard grilled asparagus sandwich and fried chicken sandwich.

Jermey Fish at Naked Lunch in North Beach

Jermey Fish at Naked Lunch in North Beach
They have a pop up dinner every Sunday from 5- 9 featuring chef Chao Mien who specializes in Asian Fusion with a changing menu that can been found on Chao Mien Facebook Page and their site.

Location 504 Broadway,San Francisco, CA
Phone 415.577.4951
Visit site for hours.
Site: Naked Lunch
Follow them on Twitter: Naked Lunch


Meet Jeremy Fish

Jeremy Fish is originally from New York. He has a degree in art and a career in fine art and illustration. He has lived in San Francisco for 20 years and is based in North Beach. You can see several other works by him along Grant Ave.
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