Look/EV (Hawaii)

Look/EV (Hawaii)

Many of you may have heard of and attended the Estria Battle organized by the Estria Foundation and held for six years in Oakland. Are you aware that right after that event they have a much smaller event that Estria started back in 2009 that they call the “Sunday Paint Jam”. The purpose of the Jam is a way for out of town Estria Battle contestants to use up the remaining paint they had from the battle and enjoy a relaxing, stress free day to execute their preference of graffiti art versus the battle event day, where it’s quite stressful and competitive.

Shaun "BOXO" Burner (Sacramento) and Vyal One (LA)

Shaun “BOXO” Burner (Sacramento) and Vyal One (LA)

What is very surprising is where the jams have been held. The jams have been held at public schools in Oakland. Elaborate murals have been painted at public schools for years for the students and by the students. But expect the unexpected from the Estria Foundation that is actively involved in engaging the youth.So what better place than a school.

Their mission is to create art in public spaces locally and globally with artists, youth, educators, and activists in order to raise awareness and inspire action in the movement to resolve human and environmental issues.

They encourage the youth to be included in decision making and provide them with learning opportunities. This winter they have a calendar on their website listing Youth Art Workshops at the Oakland Library that they are presenting with the Oakland Public Library. There are only three remaining events on this calendar that you might like to check out and pass along especially to families in Oakland. Estria.Org

Amend TDK (Oakland)

Amend TDK (Oakland)

What better place to engage the kids visually and encourage the development of their artistic talents than schools and live their mission. The first Sunday Paint Jam was started at a Elmhurst School / Academy Alliance off of 98th and Birch in East Oakland where a past Estria Battle competitor taught graffiti classes. Besides 2 events of Sun Paint Jams there, the Estria Foundation used the school as a training or practice grounds.


In 2011, Estria moved the Sunday Paint Jam to Castlemont High School as they graciously allowed them to paint their school. In 2013 they returned for an invite-only Sunday Paint Jam at Castlemont High School. We visited the school this past October after the jam and were unprepared to see the amount of the murals on the walls. One student very happily and graciously volunteered to show us some of the murals when we popped in expectantly after school and asked where the murals were. We took photos of some of the art to give a peek of what is there. If you go Castlemont be discrete and respectful of the school and the students. It is their special place.

Check out the Estria 2013 battle and Sunday Paint Jam

Estria Foundation

Learn more about the full mission, the artists and other activities of the Estria Foundation. Get involved. They are looking for volunteers.