The first collaboration between Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags we stumbled upon was this large production on Duboce at Valencia Street in the Mission District of San Francisco. Since that time we have seen many more of their pieces on the street and in art galleries.

Their work came to the attention of Todd Dayton of Fallout Pictures when he discovered them on our site. He ended up spending time with them this past summer when they prepared and painted the small mural that is the subject of this video. That mural coincidentally happens to be on a different wall in the same location where we first discovered the newly formed team.


Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags artists are San Francisco Bay Area residents. Together they have over two decades of painting experience and are known as Alynn-Mags Productions. They are immediately recognized for their large scale spray paint and acrylic brush paint mural combinations. In their fine art collaborations, they merge their different mediums and techniques to create seamless pieces. Lady Mags often works with abstract watercolor imagery, which Amanda Lynn incorporates into her detailed illustrations.

Meet the Artists

We hope you enjoy getting acquainted with Alynn-Mags. Please check out their blog
and their street art on our site: Amanda Lynn and Mags