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The main material I use is ink, basic indian ink and alongside that a lot of water. I am open to experimenting with anything really when it comes to mark making.

When did you start and what got you started?
I started to take my art seriously around 4 years ago. I come from a more traditional fine art background but I found that world so uninspiring and closed off back then. When I moved to London in 2006 I started to see lots of street art and instantly found something I could relate to, started to focus more on my painting again and the rest they say is history. I was very lucky to come to street art at a point where it was really exciting and in all honesty a bit crazy with the hype surrounding the likes of Banksy. It just grabbed me and inspired me and here I am now, lucky enough to do what I love for a living, travel the world and meet some amazing people.

What type of pieces do you do?
Up until recently I have generally painted black and white portraits of people, mostly of people related to where ever it is in the world I am painting but of recent I have really started to push myself as a painter, looking into using more colour in my work as well as exploring the deconstruction of a face.


What type of tools or materials?
The main material I use is ink, basic indian ink and alongside that a lot of water. I am open to experimenting with anything really when it comes to mark making. Im not adverse to using spraypaint and water based paints in my street work whilst with my canvas work I really do not to try to limit myself and in all honesty try to use whatever comes to hand.

What are your influences and inspiration?
I try to make sure my work is relevant to its location. I take so much more from a piece, and I am sure others do when the pieces are site specific. I am inspired by everything around me, from the people I meet, the artists I look up to and the stories I hear. I am inspired to improve as an artist, my brain never really stops thinking about making art so I really do try to soak up as much as possible, be that good or bad experiences.

Olive at larkin

Have you been involved in collaborations or exhibits?
I had my first solo show in Mayfair in London earlier in the year which was great to do and gave me the hunger to develop the gallery work even more and do more shows. This year I am involved in a few good group shows mostly around Europe though I would certainly like to exhibit more in the states hopefully from next year. In terms of collaborations I am very open to collaborating with other artists and in fact the reason I am so happy with the piece I just painted in San Fran is that I collaborated with two amazing local artists. Working with people with very different styles to yourself is fantastic. Not only does it take me out of your comfort zone, it also inspires me to see how other people work and learn from their practise.

Olive at larkin

Where can we see your work?
I have recently returned from a trip to La and San Fran so I have a piece in the Tenderloin and a couple in La, one of which I painted in collaboration with Mear One. I have also been fortunate to travel to places such as South Africa, Israel and various places in Europe to paint aswell as obviously painting in my home town of London so their examples of my work all over. I will also be doing a lot more travelling this year so soon enough you will be able to see my work in a a lot more locations, hopefully some slightly warmer climates than London

Anything else you would like to share?
Thanks to you guys actually for helping us out on our recent trip. I had been told it was very tricky to find walls to paint in San Fran but you guys helped put us in contact with some cool people. And thank you to those crazy fuckers of the tenderloin I met over the few days I was painting. A real experience I can assure you and one I wont forget in a hurry.


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