Jeremy Fish in North Beach

Jeremy Fish in North Beach

Jeremy Fish has been living and creating art since he arrived in San Francisco to attend art school. He embraces life on a daily basis, making the most of his talents and opportunities.

Currently he is the first artist in residence at San Francisco City Hall. The current City Hall was built after the previous one collapsed during the 1906 earthquake. To celebrate its’ 100 years the San Francisco Arts Commission commissioned Jeremy Fish to create 100 drawing that will be on display at City Hall beginning November 4th. There will be an opening party on November 19th. See details: O Glorious City

G Lewis Heslet of Creative Lives has produced several documentaries about artists. This is their latest documentary just released featuring Jeremy Fish. The story captures his love of life and philosophy of living it.

On this three week journey they follow Jeremy and his trusted van Big Mike up the Pacific Northwest on the tail end of his 2010 summer tour that took him to galleries across Europe and the Southeast United States. Jeremy created unique paintings for each city on the tour, inspired by their heritage, and tells us about his own upbring and love of art as we travel through Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.

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Jeremy Fish in North Beach

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