Apache Couple

Douglas Miles was the artist in residence for the month of February at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco where he had painting and stencils on display as he created art with locally found objects. He is from the San Carlos Apache Reservation where he is an artist, designer, photographer and creator of Apache Skateboards.
While here Douglas had a show as well at the @Growlerysf and painted four murals on the street with this being the largest by far. This mural on 16th St at Shotwell portrays the woman in the foreground with the male walking several steps behind him holding a traditional spear where the blade is attached by string. ..
Douglas captures the dignity, pride, strength and culture of the Apache in a street style. Several of his murals remember some of their famous leaders like Geronimo and Cochise. We encourage you to watch his videos like “The World is” that can be accessed from his Instagram and webpages. ..
This mural raises awareness that the Apache and American Indians still have a vibrant culture and role in the US. If you want to understand the situation of the American Indians today you should look at the Ken Burns 1996 documentary called The West – It is a real eye opener of how we treated them and why the culture of the West is different from other parts of the US.

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