The head’s of great levitate

After doing hours of research on the illuminati and underground elite occults, I found myself in darkness; the various modes of controls through institutions and systems in America is disturbing. Media, public education, drugs, misinformation and propaganda are all variables in controlling humanity and creating their cultures. Intrigued by the occultism and symbolism, I dug deeper into the unknown of mysticism and symbology. Asking myself questions; Why? Who? What? and this picture appeared in my mind. Like an itch I had to scratch, I created this piece called, “The heads of great; levitate.” It captures a mythical  shiva animal like being (painted with latex)with six arms, two holding the heads of Tupac and Biggie (painted with oil). On the forearms of this being are three saying written in Latin, (1. Known thyself, 2. Seeker of knowledge and 3. Death brings life.) The rest I leave for the viewer to decipher and make their own decision of the meaning.

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