Get Up’s work has a playful retro graphic inspired feel infused with nods to his hometown Philly. I first spotted his dancing bandits 2 years ago on Fillmore and Union Street. The building owner liked the wheat paste so much, they covered it with plexiglass to preserve it.

I do art and music because I have to. I have an urge to create, its therapy, I do it to get my mind off everything else. – Get Up

Do you work by yourself or are you a member of any crews or both?

I do all the art/design, production, and installing myself. I have a few people that provide look-out and help with other aspects. I couldn’t do it with out them.

When did you start making street art? What was it that got you started?

I started doing “Get Up” stuff in early 2010. I used to do graffiti when I was 13 but music soon took over. I have a few friends that do street art so that’s who got me interested in it around 6 years ago. In 2010 I started to do different music than what I’ve been doing under my previous alias. I wanted a new name that went with the music. It was more dance orientated so I wanted a verb or command, and something simple. When I thought of “Get Up”, since its also a graff term, I also thought it would be cool to do some wheat pastes and stuff to get the new name out there. As soon as I started I got a very good response from the public and on the internet so before I knew it I was getting more serious to keep up with the demand for people to see new “art”. Next people started asking how they could get canvas or prints, and t-shirts. So I started making canvas, and taught myself screen printing.

Do you have an art and design background?

Nothing formal. I was really into drawing up until, maybe 7th grade, but wasn’t too serious about it. I’ve been a DJ and musician since I was 14 so I eventually taught myself graphic design to make my own flyers, logos, and promo materials.  So now I’m just taking what I do in photoshop and putting it on walls.

What type of piece do you do?  What types of tools do you use? Where can your pieces be seen?  Do you do walls, installation, trains, sidewalk peaces etc?

I do mostly stencil work, combined with brushes and collage. For my wheat paste posters I hand paint them all with stencils and spray paint. I hand cut all my stencil with an exacto. My Pieces can be seen in the LA, SF Bay,  and Philly areas, in the US. Also I still have lots of pieces running in Barcelona, Paris, and London.

Where do you get your inspiration?

All over really. Mostly from experiences. A lot of things from nature as well, like color schemes.

I love the green guy you do in the baseball cap.  How did you come up with that character?

That’s my representation of the Phillies mascot. He’s known as one of the greatest mascots in sports, and catching tags is something I could see him doing. Philadelphians love all things Philly, so I wanted to use images that everyone is familiar with so that people that might not notice, or care about street art would be introduced to it.

The Ben Franklin rocking out to the boom box character is fantastic.  What inspired you to do him?

Again being from Philly I wanted to do some local icons. Ben was involved in lots of different fields, and even invented a music instrument.

What do you do from day to day?  Does your day job have anything to do with art?  Is this a full time thing for you?

I do have a few musicians and DJ’s that I do graphic design for, and I DJ and do live music. Since I started screenprinting I’ve been doing alot of that. Those things combined is how I’m paying the bills. Barely. Once I release the music I’ve been working on I plan on doing a lot more live shows and touring.

Do you travel to do street art in different places or do you do street art when you travel?

I like to travel, and have an urge to create and put stuff on walls so the two will always go hand in hand. I’ve just started gettin request and offers from different cities in the US so it looks like I will be traveling more for just the art.

Have you ever gotten into any trouble due to your graffiti?

I got arrested when I was 14. The case got throw out because the other party didn’t show up to court. I just got arrested in London in November. I spent the night in jail and let go with a warning. The London cops were awesome and very polite by the way.

To view more of his work, check out Get Up’s website where he sells hand made t-shirts, find him on facebook or on flickr.

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