Its a feeling Im after.. Its not something or someone that I look for but an emotion. – Brett Amory

Brett Amory’s paintings feel at times like they might evaporate from the wall because they capture a single moment in time that can’t be held onto for too long.

Do you have an art and design background? If so can you elaborate a bit

I started painting when I was 24 and it was all studio alla prima style.. My history becoming an artist has been sort of backwards. I started out very academic and over the years I have worked really hard letting go of all the academic learning..

When did you start making street art? What was it that got you started?

I recently acquired a taste for putting stuff up. Ive only done it a few times. A lot of my friends do street art so I thought it would be fun to go out. Its nothing serious Im just having fun.. Gets me out of my studio.. I dont get up enough so I would never consider myself a street artist..

What type of pieces do you do? What types of tools do you use? Where can your pieces be seen? Do you do walls, installation, trains, sidewalk pieces etc?

When I first went out I put up 10 ft original, oil on butcher paper figures. I havent had time to paint the figures lately so Ive been putting up my transfers I use for my gallery work. I use pretty standard stuff black and white oversize prints with a little house paint.. I pretty much just put stuff around my neighborhood and in SF..

Where do you get your inspiration?

My work is inspired by my surroundings. Places and people I see everyday end up in my work. Everyday living..

Your series Waiting depicts urban people in a transient way moving through space. What motivates you to paint these pieces that feel like it is an illusive moment that has been caught unexpectedly, like a movie reel stopped mid stream.

Its a feeling Im after.. Its not something or someone that I look for but an emotion. I like to capture people in a natural state. My work starts with photography. I am always taking pictures of people and places I see on a day to day.

When did you start putting a version of your waiting series up on the street which seems such an appropriate medium for artwork based on impermanence.

I started a year ago. The figures I put up in the beginning were painted from random snap shots of people I was seeing everyday but never talked to. The idea was to paint these people on a monumental scale and hopefully draw attention to them..

So waiting seems to have a style that is caught in motion or time. Do you ever create pieces that feel static and filled with weight and stuck in time?

Im not sure. I try and give my work rhythm and motion so its not stiff and static but Im sure I have some stiff paintings out there..

What is your favorite piece of street art you have ever done and why?

I like painting the big figures.. There is freedom when painting big.

What is your favorite color? I never ask this but am so curious with you and why do you like it?

I dont really have one. My mood affects the color in my work. However I do like neutral tones..

I am fascinated with the diversity of street artist. Some work as full-time creative commercial artist by day and on the streets at night. Others have a 9-5 style job that is not artistic with street art as their creative outlet. What do you do from day to day? Is this a full time thing for you?

I am fortunate enough to be a full time artist..

Have you ever gotten into any trouble due to your street art?

No.. Ive only done it a few times.

Do you have an upcoming project or show you want me to let people know about? What are you working on now?

I am booked up till 2014. My next solo is at Lazarides in April.

To view more of his work, check out Brett Amory’s website, find him on facebook, or check out his instagram stream.

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The photos in this article are used with permission from Brett Amory.

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