Eudaimonia Naturae

Artist: See Details
Where: Roll Up Gallery
Event Date: July 15, 2017
Event Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: 161 Erie St, San Francisco, Ca

Exhibit Dates: July 15 -

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Art / Music / Clothing

A concept project by Hunter Hess.
“Eudaimonia Naturae”
Noun –

The process of human flourishing through the direct instrumentality of nature; unique serene fervor accessible through interaction and immersion in nature/ natural settings.

Eudaimonia Naturae is a multi-media intersectional experience in which the goal is to capture the specific, peaceful quietude found in nature through various artistic formats that abide to a singular inspirational catalyst – all presented in one instance in the same space. Inspired by the turbulent year of 2016 with hope of bringing positivity into the year 2017, this project will ultimately aim at capturing and curating a positive and stimulating vibe derived from direct interaction with nature through different artistic mediums.

Arrington West is an artist / illustrator residing in SF, and the founding member of the Black Mail collective, a Bay Area art collective/ platform aimed at emphasizing what it means to be a black individual in America. His work has been featured in group shows across the city at venues such as Fifty24 SF, The Luggage Store and Athen B Gallery —

Bagger 43 (Dennis Brown) is an artist/illustrator currently residing in SF. Some of his clients have included AKQA, Ecko, Zynga, Leo Burnett Ad Agency, XXL Magazine and Popular Science Magazine. He has been published in CMYK Mag, Spectrum, Juxtapoz and Trace Mag to name a few. His work has been showcased in numerous galleries across the Bay Area.

Winterteeth (Vanessa Rivera) is an artist currently residing in Portland. An extremely talented painter who has been showing up in Oregon ever since moving there a few years ago. Most recently she showed in SF in a group show at Book and Job Gallery, and more notably her solo show “Show Me Something Real” debuted this past June at the Pony Club Gallery PDX.

Tomas Wischerath (Habitaat). Is a talented producer and very skilled DJ who has performed at venues in SF such as 1015, F8, Hawthorn and El Rio. Currently residing in LA, Tomas has a unique ear for underground and eclectic world vibes, and mixes it with the energy of hip hop that comes from growing up in the bay area hyphy era.

Tyson Stryg is a local SF artist and illustrator, his unique illustration style and jack of all trades approach to his work through digital and traditional mediums plays a key role in diversifying the range of work included in the show.

Muzae Sesay is a Painter from SF, who specializes in surrealism and abstraction work. Muzae is a member of the Black Mail group and has had his work featured in many space across SF and Oakland. Most recently displaying work at Athen B Gallery, he has also shown in The Luggage Store, The Growlery, and Space 236.

Christopher Martin is an Artist and Teacher residing in SF, also a member of the Black Mail Collective. He primarily works with textiles and is known for his large scale work that carries interpersonal themes under bold graphics. He has shown in The Luggage Store, Guerrero Gallery, and Space 236.

Opening Saturday July 15th
6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery (Public Works), located in the Mission District, at 161 Erie Street (between Duboce & 14th st.) San Francisco, CA 94103.