Fuming Guerilla chose Oakland as his community. He wants to support Oakland’s ascent to an artist friendly city. He believes street art, murals and some graffiti can be an interesting and positive basis for a city’s vibe. Paint on walls is more accessible and a surprise gallery waiting to be discovered. Fuming Guerilla is more concerned with the talent and philosophy behind graffiti than the legality of the walls. Fuming Guerilla doesn’t advocate vandalism so he firmly believes there needs to be respect for property. However when a city is full of dilapidated and abandoned buildings crumbling from neglect, he doesn’t consider graffiti a nuisance or even vandalism, he considers it a channel for expression. Fuming Guerilla owns his own company and is an avid supporter of public art. He's currently working with various artists as a broker and collaborator. Fuming Guerilla’s art is the art of negotiation.(fumingguerilla@gmail.com) Follow him on Instagram fuming_guerilla